Our Montessori floor beds

Common features to all models:

The floor bed - After the cradle, when your baby grows, an ecological cot, Montessori style, for absolute freedom. The child will be able to climb easily in and out the cot (the upper surface of the mattress lies 19cm from the floor).
The models "Classic" and "Stackable" have side edges to avoid possible night-time falls, while the Montessori "Pure" model, following strictly the Montessori concept, does not have any.
Here at Woodly we are very, very attentive to children's health; for instance, we're the only, and I stress ONLY, firm which finishes off its cots and cribs with shellac and bee-wax. It's a beautiful, silky and strong finishing, so healthy that you could eat it. Do you know what is shellac? It's a natural varnish, obtained from the secretion of an insect, Kerria Lacca.... And don't make that face, honey is a secretion as well! It is a natural laque, used to finish off antique pieces of furniture and valuable musical instruments, such as guitars and violins. Our timber is FSC certificated (it stands for: forest stewardship council), good and sturdy and made to last. And our Futons are made just out of pure, not treated, cotton. We make every single piece by hand, taking care of every tiny detail, me (Valerio) and Massimiliano with his magic touch.
If you have any questions please email us.
Laura & Valerio

Lettino ecologico Montessori

All beds are available in two sizes:

SMALL Montessori floor bed,(with mattress 120x60x10/12 cm.), suggested from 7/8 months of age and to be used untill the child reaches 100 cm in height

LARGE Montessori floor bed,(with mattress 160x70x10/12 cm.), suggested from 7/8 months of age, to be used until the child reaches 140 cm in height.

*Cots are shipped assembled, ready to use.

The Futon - The futon is the old japanese traditional natural mattress . In pure untreated cotton, insulated, non-allergenic, it guarantees continous transpiration and protects from the onset of electromagnetic fields, acaruses and powders. Price for the Woodly Futon: 140 Eu for the small one, 160 Eu for the large, and 260 Eu for the Maxi.

The Pillows - Pillows stuffed with extre pure spelt chaff. Chaff is the wrapping around the grain of wheat, and a natural raw material offering plenty of benefits to health: it is anti-suffocation, helps thermoregulation, and hence prevents sweating; and it also is a natural painkiller, and non-allergenic, Sizes: 60x40x 5.

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Our models:
Woodly "Classic" floor bed

The traditional Woodly floor bed with beech wheels, available in two versions with a little difference in the corners:
Version A, has invisible joints, made with hidden dowels, the B version has the finger joints. Both solutions ensure strength and durability, the cost is different because of the processing required to make the finger joints.
Size: Small 126x72x28 - Large 166x82x28

floor bed Abete naturale Bianco shabby Abete Miele

Woodly "Classic" floor bed (A) Invisible joints

Woodly "Classic" floor bed (B) Finger joints

Woodly "Surf" floor bed

The Woodly floor bed, in a cheerful two colors version, Red, Blue, Light blue, Green, Fuchsia,Pink and Orange.
All (*unless the black version, which has the natural wooden front side) with the white front side, to indicate the correct access, even during the "the most dark hours."
The colors are water-based paints, which we work with steel wool to highlight the wood grain and finish with beeswax.
Available in two versions with a little difference in the corners:
Version A, has invisible joints, made with hidden dowels, the B version has the finger joints. Both solutions ensure strength and durability, the cost is different because of the processing required to make the finger joints.
Size: Small 126x72x28 - Large 166x82x28

floor bed

SURF (A) Invisible joints

SURF (B) Finger joints

Woodly "Stackable" floor bed

Woodly stackable floor bed, mantains the same features and conveniences as its wheeled brother, lighter and with the extra benefit of being stackable.
Size: Small 126x66x28 - Large 166x76x28

Lettino ecologico Montessori

Woodly "Stackable" floor bed

Woodly "Pure" Montessori floor bed.

Here's the third Woodly Montessori style floor bed: this one, unlike the Classic and the Stackable floor beds, has no edges. The structure is minimal, with a rounded corners solid beech frame that holds the futon in place so that it can't slip out, and keeps the mattress lifted from the floor so that air can flow through. The upper surface of the mattress, as for the other floor beds, is only 19 cm high, to make access easy. This is the original Montessori concept: in the beginning the child may sometimes roll off the floor bed (without risk it is very low), but will soon learn its safe limits.
Size: Small 125x65x19 - Large 165x75x19 - Maxi 200x90x24

Lettino ecologico Montessori

Woodly "Pure" Montessori floor bed

The reducer and the bumper for Woodly floor beds

The Reducer - The purpose is to provide security to the youngest children (from 7-8 months), recreating an like a nest environment and protect it from shocks. Do not forget that until recently before, the baby was wrapped in mummy's belly, and is accustomed to narrow and warmth space. Made of untreated pure cotton (both liner and padding), insulating and non-allergenic.
* Suitable for all our beds but not for the "Pure" model
Measurements: Small 120x60 - 160x70 Big

The Bumper protects the child from involuntary blows with the sides, but takes away little space from the bed. Both are made of pure untreated cotton (both the lining and the padding), thermal insulating and hypoallergenic.
* Suitable for all our beds but not for the "Pure" model
* Attention, our bumper is used between the side and the Futon, if you use a different mattress, more rigid, there may not be space to insert it.
Measurements: Small 100x60 - Big 140x70

Riduttore lettini

Woodly Reducer and Bumper

The bookshelf conversion kit

For later, when there will be no more, brothers, cousins or nephews, to be sleeping in the bed; a simple kit that turns it into a small solid wood bookshelf (if necessary can easily go back to being a baby bed).
* Suitable for all our beds unless the model "Pure"
Available in the same colors and finishes of the beds.

kit libreria

Bookshelf Kit


To order: select the size (small or large), the colour of the finishing, and, if you want them too, the pillow and/or the mattress. And then click on "add to cart". In the next menu choose whether to pay with credit card (click go to payment) or PayPal. If you wish to pay through a bank transfer, contact us and we will send you our bank ID.
The applied delivery rates (50,00 eu), are valid for the following countries:
France, Spain, England, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland.
For deliveries to other countries, please contact us, and we will send you the link with the on-line payment form, with the updated cost.
Please note: All the white and colour versions are painted with water tempera, and then polished with beeswax.
Please note: The white Shabby style finish is obtained by by painting and then rubbing and sanding away the top coat to show the wood or base coats.


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Timing for delivery:
The items have a production time of 20 working days, plus shipping time. Delivery is made from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, by express courier. Shipping time is 3 to 5 working days from the date of shipment to the European territory (EU countries) and from 5 to 10 days in the rest of the world. Deliveries will be made in any place of residence or work. All deliveries must be signed upon receipt. You will however be notified as soon as the match order is shipped from our warehouse, we provide the tracking number of the shipment, so you can track the path of the package online.